Cheating death…Again

Over the last 15 years I’ve really become known for my ability to do stupid stuff and come out in almost one piece. I think part of this ability originate from the fitness I’ve accrued from being so athletic my whole life as well as my blind ambition to excel at extreme and mental challenges. Yvette and I were in a pretty horrible car accident last weekend and it’s made me a little nostalgic…

1116148_10151778489312692_1364227603_oI’m healing up just fine. My shoulder and chest are still a bit sore.

601414_10151516071846637_638135401_n The car is not ok. We went through a telephone pole and it snapped in two. If we ever find that guy who hit us there will be hell to pay!!!!


My first major injury was back in 2001 and was total stupid: we were break dancing at a motocross party, I did a backflip but the concrete had just a little dust on it so my feet didn’t gain any traction on the landing and I kept rotating. I landed on the back of my head and blacked out. I think I came too about a second or two later and was up on my feet trying to say I was ok but I wasn’t. My speech was slurred, I was feeling nauseous and I was admitted to hospital a few hours later with a severe concussion and a skull cracked in 3 places. This has always been my benchmark for major head injuries; I was in the hospital for 5 days and it was torture. I missed a bunch of my final exams and had to write them in May, the ones I did write I scored A’s which was amazing seeing as I couldn’t focus while studying or during the actual exams.

I’ve always been pushing the envelop in the various sports I’ve done. Maybe some of the nuttiest stuff I did involved quad bikes: sick stuff like 30m vertical drops in the sand dunes! Unfortunately don’t have any good pics of those days, probably because I didn’t want my parents to see how I was behaving — which says something seeing as they were my biggest supporters on the mountain bikes 😀

Stair cases

If I think back to what I used to do as a teenager and in my early 20s, what I’m doing now is really tame… LIKE REALLY TAME! What I might constitute as an injury now was more of an everyday occurrence back then. I think my bones were more rubber than bone there for a while…


The stair gap at UCT… This was great fun…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANothingHeel ClickerDCP00935DCP00894DCP00843


Those were the days…. We had these jumps about 5 min cycle from home. So many injuries and fun times associated with this little patch of land… You can almost see my high school in the background. There was at least one time when I just stopped by the jumps for a few minutes. I did a trick called a “Nothing” wherein you release your hands and feet so NOTHING is touching the bike (No wonder where the trick got its name??). The bike rotated on its X-axis and next thing I remember I’m at home. No clue how I got there; apparently I rode there.

Roof Again 2Roof Again 3Roof Again 4

Roof Again 5

I snapped off my BB when I landed here… See the right hand crank arm behind my rear tire??

Roof 1

Roof 2

Roof 3

Drop 4

Ahhhhh. That’s my house. Nothing like a 4m roof drop on to the interlocking to have some fun! Did this one a few times over the years

Brian 1

Brian 2

Brian 3

3m vertical drop in a race… That’s how we roll!!!


Getting some big air. The guy in the middle is 2m tall, the dip between the double is slightly built up so my wheels are probably 4m up…


Nothing like doing the CanCan side by side

8 Meter Gap 4

This 9m gap left me unable to walk for a week. It might not look that big from the angle but believe me… IT WAS SICK.




Just another day at the court house… NOW WHY WOULD I GO AND FALL HERE???



This was my biggest drop, did it twice in a row for good measure. 5m+ The approach was tricky, I had to lay down a few planks and balance on them to be able to get the speed over the gravel at the top of this water tower…

And then I turned pro… I started refining my body positions and made it look good. I also learned how to flip and I could flip just about anywhere. Good times!

Table Top  Back Flip206_0640Seat Grab    Indian Air

  Flip Table Top 2

Backflip pancake… Sick!

Bryan supermanBrian's BackflipBrian inverted

Heel Clicker_2

Even through all the sports injuries, it was generally only real life that tried to kill me. I’ve always been a fan of doing the first thing that crossed my mind and it would often land me in hospital or at least in my GP’s office 🙂

I went through some fun(ny) stages in the short span of time I’ve had on Earth so far… I’m gonna be 29 on Sunday, DAMMNN!! Last year in the 20s. Age is just a number, if you ask Yvette, she’d say I’m turning 6.

Me at Zeps

Image013 2Image012 3Image015 2

A previous near death experience. More like a real dumbass moment!!!

Brian and Yvette5580_142498760756_5095815_n

Definitely went through a bit of an interesting stage… But I’m not complaining.

HPIM2952Picture 1022 DSCF0790 DSCF0725Ahhhh, Buffman… Trying to hide in the bushes… I think I was still 4 in this picture LOL!

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